Dolphin morbillivirus Synonym for dolphin distemper virus

dolphin poxvirus (DOV) An unassigned virus in the family Poxviridae. Identified morphologically in lesions observed on the skin of captive and free-ranging bottle-nosed dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, dusky dolphins, Lagenorhyncus obscurus, white-sided dolphins, Lagenorhyncus acutus, and Burmeister's porpoises, Phocoena spinipinnis, in waters off the coast of Peru. The lesions consist of black punctiform stippled patterns termed 'tattoo lesions'. Convalescent dolphin sera react with the poxvirus present in the lesions as observed by immunoelec-tron microscopy, but the virus has not been isolated in cell culture.

van Bressem MF et al (1993) J Wildlife Dis 29, 109

dolphin rhabdovirus Isolated from a white-beaked dolphin, Lagenorhynchus albirostris, that had beached on the Dutch coast. Has rhabdovirus morphology and is antigenically distinct from Rabies and Vesicular stomatitis viruses. Neutralizing antibodies were found in several European marine mammal species, including other species of dolphin and seal.

Osterhaus ADME et al (1993) Arch Virol 133, 189

Don cells (CCL 16) Diploid cells from a normal 8-month-old adult male Chinese hamster, Cricetulus griseus.

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