Dorcopsis wallaby herpesvirus A synonym for macropodid herpesvirus

dot-blot hybridization A single diagnostic procedure in which the sample to be analyzed (e.g. extracted cellular DNA) is blotted directly on to a membrane (usually nitrocellulose) and hybridized with a series of reference probes (dots) prepared from cloned virus-specific DNA. The probes may be radioactively or chemically labeled and, after treatment, a signal is detected where hybridization occurs. Used extensively for screening tissues for papillomaviruses.

Wickenden C et al (1985) Lancet i, 65

double-stranded (ds) nucleic acid Nucleic acid with two antiparallel strands hydrogen-bonded together. The pairing between the bases of the two strands is specific. In DNA, adenine (a purine) is hydrogen-bonded to thymine (a pyrimi-dine), and guanine (a purine) to cytosine (a pyrimidine). As a consequence, the sequences of nucleotides along the two chains are complementary. Usually both strands are either DNA or RNA but RNA:DNA duplexes can occur. The genomes of viruses of several groups are either double-stranded DNA or double-stranded RNA. See double-stranded viruses.

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