Duck hepatitis virus 1 and 3 DHV1 and

-3) Unassigned viruses in the family Picornaviridae, often referred to as 'enteroviruses'; there are two serotypes, 1 and 3. Cause a widespread infection of ducks with disease in ducklings. There is hemorrhagic necrosis of the liver and high mortality. Older birds are immune. Virus is present in the excreta. Birds hatched from the eggs of immune birds resist infection. Virus replicates in hens' eggs, killing the embryo, but becomes attenuated on passage and may be used as a vaccine for ducklings. Multiplies without CPE in chick cell cultures, but with CPE in duck cell cultures. Experimentally, other birds and mammals are resistant. Type 1 virus was isolated from an outbreak of disease with high mortality in white Pekin ducks on Long Island, NY, USA but is now known to be distributed worldwide. Type 3 virus infection is less severe and has only been seen in the USA.

Woolcock PR and Fabricant J (1991) In Diseases of Poultry, Ninth edition, edited by BW Calnek. Ames: Iowa State University Press, p. 597

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