Duncan syndrome See Duncans disease

dunkop Means 'thin-head' and is the local name for the pulmonary form of African horse sickness.


duovirus Synonym for rotavirus. Name refers to the double-shelled construction of the virus particle.

duplex Having two parts. Often used to describe the double strand of nucleic acid.

dUTPase An enzyme which hydrolyzes dUTP to dUMP, making dUMP available for conversion to dTMP by thymidylate synthetase. A dUTPase is encoded by several herpesviruses, but the gene does not appear to be essential for growth in cell cultures in vitro.

Preston VG and Fisher FB (1984) Virology 138, 58

Duvenhage virus (DUVV) A species in the genus Lyssavirus. First isolated in S Africa from the brain of a farmer who had been bitten on the lip by a bat and died after a rabies-like illness. Negri bodies were present in the patient's brain tissue and in the brain of experimentally infected mice, but rabies antigen was not demonstrable in the brain tissue by immunofluorescence. In 1985, a bat biologist in Finland died following infection with Duvenhage virus, and it became clear that the virus is widely distributed in bats in Europe. It has been isolated frequently from bats, Eptisicus serotinus, in Europe and from a bat in Zimbabwe, Nycteris thebaica. Antigenically related to rabies virus and resembles laboratory or 'fixed' strains of the virus. Can be distinguished by in vivo neutralization and cross-challenge tests in mice, or less easily by CF and fluorescent antibody tests. Kills mice after a short incubation period with inflammatory infiltration of brain parenchyma and small intraneuronal inclusion bodies. Grows readily in BHK21 cells.

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