Equine abortion herpesvirus Synonym for

Equid herpesvirus 1.

equine abortion virus Synonym for Equid herpesvirus 1.

Equine adeno-associated virus (EAAV) A

species in the genus Dependovirus. Obtained from a foal. Disease association, if any, is presently unknown.

equine adenovirus 1 (EAdV-1) A strain of Equine adenovirus A in the genus Masiadenovirus. Isolated from horses with respiratory disease. Often causes death from pneumonia in foals. Isolates in Germany, Australia and USA are anti-genically similar.

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equine adenovirus 2 (EAdV-2) A strain of Equine adenovirus B in the genus Masiadenovirus. An adenovirus was isolated in equine fetal kidney cell culture from the feces of two foals with diarrhea. The virus was distinct from EAdV-1, and was proposed to be EAdV-2. A serologi-cal survey of 339 equine sera showed that 77% contained neutralizing antibody to EAdV-2.

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Equine adenovirus A (EadV-A)

Equine adenovirus A (EadV-A) A species in the genus Mastadenovirus. Synonym: equine adenovirus 1.

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Equine adenovirus B (EadV-B) A species in the genus Mastadenovirus. Synonym: equine adenovirus 2.

Equine arteritis virus (EAV) The type species in the genus Arterivirus. Horses are the only susceptible species. Causes epizootics and is highly contagious, infecting mainly young animals via the respiratory tract. Causes fever, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, edema of the legs and trunk, enteritis and colitis. In pregnant mares the fetus may become infected and abortion occurs. Bronchopneumonia and pleural effusions occur in fatal cases. There is medial necrosis of small arteries and when the intima is involved, thrombosis. The virion is 50-70nm in diameter with a core 20-30nm in diameter, enveloped, inactivated by lipid solvents and low pH. Replicates in horse kidney cell cultures with CPE. Virus becomes attenuated on passage in tissue culture and can be used as a vaccine. Synonyms: epizootic cellulitis virus; equine infectious arteritis virus; equine influenza virus; fievre typhoide du cheval virus; infectious arteritis of horses virus; pferdestaupe virus; pink eye virus.

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