Equine encephalosis viruses 17 EEV17

Species in the genus Orbivirus, belonging to the equine encephalosis virus group. Isolated from horses in S Africa with fatal peracute illness resembling African horse sickness.

Verwoerd DW (1970) Prog Med Virol 12, 192

equine foamy virus (EFV) A tentative species in the genus Spumavirus. Isolated from blood samples of horses with no pathological signs. Induces syncytia formation in many cell lines of different species (hamster, rabbit, simian and human). The genome sequence resembles that of other spumaviruses, but is clearly distinct.

Tobaly-Tapiero J et al (2000) J Virol 74, 4064

equine herpesvirus 1 Synonym for Equid herpesvirus 1.

equine herpesvirus 3 Synonym for equid herpesvirus 3.

equine herpesvirus 4 Synonym for Equid herpesvirus 4.

equine herpesvirus 5 Synonym for Equid herpesvirus 5.

Equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) A

species in the genus Lentivirus causing acute or chronic infections in horses. The disease was first described in 1843. Incubation period 12-15 days or longer. There are acute episodes with fever, anemia, nasal discharge and subcutaneous edema. Remissions occur which may last for years but the infection is usually fatal. Viremia may be present for years, even during remissions. Transmission to other species is reported but not confirmed. Insect vectors, probably mechanical, are suspected but contact infection is possible as virus is present in milk, semen, saliva and urine. Control is by slaughter as there is no vaccine of proved efficacy. The RNA genome is 8.2kb in length, and the DNA provirus includes LTRs of 321 nucleotides at each end. The virion is 80-120nm in diameter, enveloped, possibly with small projections. Agglutination of fowl, frog and human erythrocytes by serum of infected horses is reported. Strains can be distinguished by virus

eradication neutralization but have a common CF antigen. Replicates in cell cultures of embryonic equine tissue without CPE. Interference with Vesicular stomatitis virus multiplication has been used for assay. Replication in horse leukocyte cultures is accompanied by CPE. Synonyms: infectious anemia of horses virus; swamp fever virus.

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equine infectious arteritis virus Synonym for Equine arteritis virus.

equine influenza virus A poor term because it has been used for three different viruses: Equid herpesvirus 1, Equine arteritis virus and influenza virus A equine.

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