F factor See F plasmid

F plasmid A conjugative bacterial plasmid (94.5kb) which mediates the Escherichia coli mating process. Encodes information leading to the formation of sex pili (F pili) on the cell surface, DNA transfer to cells that do not contain an F plasmid, and prevention of self-mating. F plasmid-con-taining cells are denoted male, recipient cells female. Some bacteriophages, such as MS2 or fd phages, adsorb exclusively to F pili.

F protein Fusion protein, encoded in the genome of paramyxoviruses. Synthesized in the infected cell as a precursor (F0) which is activated after cleavage by cellular proteases to produce the virion disulfide-linked Fi and F2 subunits (amino F2-S-S-Fj carboxyl).

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