Felis catus endogenous retrovirus See feline endogenous retrovirus

fer-de-lance virus (FDLV) A possible species in the family Paramyxoviridae. Isolated from the lungs of fer-de-lance tropical American pit vipers, Bothrops atrox, from a snake farm in Switzerland where there was an outbreak of lethal respiratory disease among the snakes. Replicates with CPE in a wide variety of reptilian, piscine and mammalian cells at 30°C. The CPE varies in different cell types; in some, syncytia are a prominent feature. Infected cells hemadsorb guinea pig erythrocytes. Replicates in hens' eggs at 27°C; at first only on injection into the amniotic cavity but adapts to the allan-toic cavity. Agglutinates chicken and guinea pig erythrocytes and has neu-raminidase activity. No antigenic relationship demonstrable by CF test to other paramyxoviruses.

Clark HF et al (1979) J Gen Virol 44, 405 Lunger PD and Clark HF (1978) Adv Virus Res 23, 159

fetal calf serum A frequent constituent of culture media used for growing animal cells or tissue cultures. See serum-free medium.

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