Gastroenteritis of dogs virus Synonym for

Canine Coronavirus.

gastroenteritis of foals virus A possible species in the genus Coronavirus. Causes acute gastroenteritis in foals which may be fatal. Neutralizing antibodies are present in some horse sera.

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gastroenteritis viruses of humans Many viruses, such as species of Enterovirus, can be isolated from human feces but they are rarely the cause of gastroenteritis. Many other viruses can be seen in feces with the electron microscope (small round-structured virus - SRSV - particles) but these are difficult to cultivate in vitro. The application of PCR technology has enabled sequence characterization of many of these viruses that cause gastroenteritis, including Norwalk virus (acute epidemic gastroenteritis virus of humans); groups A, B and C human rotaviruses; human adenovirus types 40 and 41; Human astrovirus; Human Coronavirus; human caliciviruses; picobirnaviruses; and toroviruses.

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Gazdar mouse sarcoma virus A strain of mouse sarcoma virus, in the genus Gammaretrovirus, isolated from a spontaneous tumor arising in a New Zealand white x New Zealand black F1 mouse. Transforms mouse cells in vitro and rapidly induces sarcomas in mice, rats and hamsters. See murine sarcoma virus.

Gazdar AF et al (1971) Nature, New Biol 234, 69

gazelle herpesvirus Synonym for Equid her-pesvirus 9.

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