Genital herpes simplex virus Commonly

Human herpesvirus 2 (herpes simplex virus 2), although Human herpesvirus 1 may also infect the genital tract.

genome The genetic information in a cell or virus. In viruses it may consist of DNA or RNA, but not both. DNA viral genomes consist of a single molecule which may be single-stranded or double-stranded, circular or linear, containing 1.7kb (cir-covirus) to 440kb (iridovirus). One kb of DNA equals 1.02 x 10-« pg or 618 000 Da. The base composition of viral double-stranded DNA is more variable than that of cellular DNA; the G+C content may range between 35 and 74% in different viruses. RNA viral genomes may be linear or circular, double- or single-stranded, containing 0.25kb (viroids) to

Germiston virus (GERV)

more than 30kb (corona viruses). They usually consist of a single molecule, but may be fragmented into several pieces, as in Influenza or reoviruses. The genome structures of the principal virus families which infect vertebrates are given in Table G1.

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