GFV1 virus See goldfish virus

GG167 Original name for zanamivir (Influenza neuraminidase inhibitor). See zanamivir.

GH1 cells (CCL 82) A somatotrophin-secreting clone of MtT/W5, established from a rat pituitary gland tumor of a Wistar-Furth rat.

GH3 cells (CCL 82.1) A somatotrophin- and prolactin-secreting clone of MtT/W5, established from a pituitary tumor of a 7-month-old female Wistar-Furth rat. Not a direct derivative of the GH1 clone.

Gianotti-Crosti syndrome A self-limited childhood skin disease (papular acroder-matitis) associated with Hepatitis B virus or parvovirus B19 infection and usually accompanied by lymphadenopathy and anicteric hepatitis. Lesions usually persist for about 3 weeks and do not recur. Prevalent in Italy and Japan.

Caputo R et al (1992) J Am Acad Dermatol 26,207

giant bacteriophages Aberrant forms of certain enterobacteria phages in which the heads are up to 44 times longer than normal. These forms usually contain greater than unit length of DNA and are infectious.

giant cell pneumonia virus Synonym for Human herpesvirus 5 (human cyto-megalovirus).

Gibbon ape leukemia virus (GALV) A

species in the genus Gammaretrovirus. Seen by electron microscopy in a disseminated T-lymphoblastic lymphosarcoma in a captive gibbon ape, Hylobates lar. The tumor cells in culture grew as free-floating cells, releasing virus particles, which are non-transforming in vitro but in gibbons induce leukemia. Antigenically related to the simian sarcoma virus. Several strains have been isolated and their origins are indicated by suffixes, thus: -H for Hall's Island near Bermuda; -SF for San Francisco; -Br for brain extract from gibbons injected with extract of human brain from kuru patients; and -SEATO for Seato Laboratory, Bangkok. All are closely related by protein serology and nucleic acid homology. The GALVs as a group are related to murine leukemia viruses, especially the endogenous virus of the Asian mouse, Mus caroli. No GALV isolates have been made from wild gibbon apes.

O'Hara B et al (1990) Cell Growth Differ 1,119 Reitz MS et al (1979) Virology 93, 48

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