Goat herpesvirus CpHV1 Synonym for

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Caprine herpesvirus 1.

goat papillomatosis A natural infection of some herds, but not common; the papil-lomas may become malignant. The virus has not yet been isolated.

Moulton JE (1954) North Am Vet 35, 29

Goatpox virus (GTPV) A species in the genus Capripoxvirus. Clinically causes a disease similar to sheeppox, but the disease in goats takes a milder course. Causes focal epidermal lesions which proceed through papule, vesicle and pustule stages to scab formation. Lesions are usually on the udder, teats, scrotum, inside of the thighs and less frequently around the eyes and mouth, whereas in contagious ecthyma, the lips and mouth are primarily involved. Antigenically distinct from contagious ecthyma virus and there is no cross-protection. Replicates on the CAM producing opaque pocks and in cell cultures of lamb and kid kidney tissue with CPE. Transmissible to sheep and allegedly to calves and rabbits. Experimental vaccines have been used which protect both sheep and goats against capripoxvirus infection, but a commercial vaccine is not presently available. Occurs in many parts of the world.

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golden pheasant leukosis virus A strain of subgroup G avian leukosis virus. An endogenous virus found in normal golden pheasant, Chrysolaphus pictus, cells giving group G host range specificity to virus particles in which it provides the information for the envelope.

Fujita DJ et al (1974) Virology 60, 558

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