Golden shiner reovirus GSV A strain of

Aquareovirus C in the genus Aquareovirus, which naturally infects commercially propagated golden shiners (bait minnow), Notemigonus crysoleucas. The virus is of low virulence and disease is seen only in hot weather when fish swim near the surface and show a hemorrhagic dorsal surface and petechial hemorrhages on the ventral surface. The virus grows and can be isolated in FHM cells at 25-30°C, and identified by serum neutralization tests. Golden shiners can also be experimentally infected with other aquareoviruses, such as American oyster reovirus (Aquareovirus A) or chum salmon reovirus (Aquareovirus F).

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goldfish herpesvirus Synonym for cyprinid herpesvirus 2.

goldfish virus 1 (GFV-1) An unassigned species in the family Iridoviridae, isolated from normal healthy goldfish, Carassius auratus. Experimental inoculation into Fundulus heteroclitus was reported to cause mortality. Infection of a goldfish cell line, CAR, at 25°C causes cyto-plasmic vacuolation and cell rounding. Virus DNA is reported to be highly methylated.

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Golgi apparatus A cytoplasmic organelle composed of membrane-bound vesicles in which glycosylation and packaging of secreted proteins takes place. Part of a complex known as the Golgi-endoplas-mic reticulum-lysosome system (GERL) in which the sorting of proteins into separate pathways takes place.

Gomoka virus (GOMV) A serotype of Ieri virus in the genus Orbivirus. Isolated from mosquitoes and birds in Central African Republic. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Goodpasture's syndrome A syndrome with glomerulonephritis associated with pulmonary hemorrhage and circulating antibodies against basement membrane antigens which has been observed in some cases of Influenza A virus infection.

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Goose adenovirus (GoAdV) A species in the genus Aviadenovirus. Three serotypes have been reported.

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