Goose hepatitis virus See Goose parvovirus

Goose parvovirus (GPV) A species in the genus Parvovirus. Causes severe and epidemic liver disease (Derzsy's disease) in goslings and young Muscovy ducks, Cairina moschata. Older birds may show acute or chronic hemorrhagic disease. Spread of the disease occurs by horizontal transmission, but vertical transmission of the virus has also been demonstrated. Injection of 2- to 3-day-old goslings i.m. causes hemorrhagic liver disease and pericarditis after a latent period of 5-7 days, and death in 5-10 days. Widespread in N America, Asia and Europe. Replicates on inoculation into allantoic cavity of goose or Muscovy duck eggs. In goose embryo fibroblast cell cultures replicates with CPE. Characterization of the DNA by sequencing and cross-hybridization suggests a close relationship to human depen-doviruses (AAV).

Synonyms: Derzsy's disease of geese; goose plague; goose hepatitis; goose influenza; infectious myocarditis of goslings virus.

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Gordil virus (GORV) A tentative species in the genus Phlebovirus not assigned to any antigenic complex. Isolated from striped grass mouse and gerbil in Central African Republic. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

gorilla herpesvirus Synonym for Pongine herpesvirus 3.

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