Guanyloribonuclease See ribonuclease T1

guanylyltransferase An enzyme which adds guanosine 5' monophosphate from guanosine 5' triphosphate to the 5' terminus of nascent RNA chains. Present in virions of Reoviridae, and involved in formation of the 5' terminal cap structure on mRNA.

Guaratuba virus (GTBV) A serotype of Bertioga virus in the genus Bunyavirus. Isolated from sentinel mice and hamsters, birds and mosquitoes in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Guarnieri bodies Intracytoplasmic aci-dophilic inclusion bodies found in cells infected with certain poxviruses, Variola, vaccinia and Cowpox.

Guaroa virus (GROV) A species in the genus Bunyavirus. Isolated in Colombia, Brazil and Panama. Mosquito-borne, probably by Anopheles sp. Causes a febrile illness in humans. Antibodies frequently found in humans in the Amazon region.

Guillain-Barré syndrome An acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradicu-loneuropathy. Guillain, Barré and Strohl described two cases of paralysis, muscular tenderness, areflexia and slight sensory disturbance. Recovery was complete. CSF protein was raised but cell count was normal. Landry had described a similar clinical picture in 1856. Cases occur sporadically with an incidence of about 1.6 per 100000 population per year. Cause is probably an immunological reaction started by an antigen, which in some cases is a viral protein. There was a clear association of the syndrome with widespread use of inactivated influenza vaccine in the USA in 1976-77.

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guineafowl transmissible enteritis virus (GTEV) An unassigned virus in the family Picornaviridae.

guinea pig adenovirus (GPAdV) A tentative species in the genus Mastadenovirus. Not isolated, but sequence amplification of the hexon gene indicates that it is not closely related to any other known adenovirus.

guinea pig adenovirus 1 (GPAdV-1) A

strain of guinea pig adenovirus.

guinea pig cytomegalovirus Synonym for caviid herpesvirus 2.

guinea pig endogenous virus Synonym for Guinea pig type C oncovirus.

guinea pig herpesvirus 1 Synonym for caviid herpesvirus 1.

guinea pig herpesvirus 3 Synonym for caviid herpesvirus 3.

guinea pig leukemia virus The L2C trans-plantable leukemia is a B-cell leukemia transmissible by cell suspension, which arose spontaneously in 1954 in an old female strain 2 guinea pig. The leukemic cells are always female, even when passed in a male guinea pig. Intracellular and extracellular virus-like particles are seen in the leukemic tissue. The particles have different morphologies and their relationship to each other, and to Guinea pig type C oncovirus which can be induced by 5-bromodeoxyuridine treatment, is not clear. Caviid herpesvirus 2 has been isolated from the leukemic cells by co-cultivation with mink lung cells.

Rhim JS and Green I (1977) Proc Fed Am Soc Exp Biol 36, 2247

guinea pig poxvirus Possibly a species in the family Poxviridae. Electron microscopy revealed poxvirus-like particles and inclusion bodies in cell cultures prepared from the thigh tissues of approximately

8-month-old guinea pigs. The animals from which the tissue was taken were suffering from a spontaneous fibrovascu-lar proliferation in the muscles, which had brought about an increase in the normal volume of the thigh by as much as six-fold.

Hampton EG et al (1968) J Gen Virol 2, 205

guinea pig retrovirus Synonym for Guinea pig type C oncovirus.

guinea pig salivary gland virus Synonym for caviid herpesvirus 2.

Guinea pig type C oncovirus (GPCOV) A

species in the genus Gammaretrovirus. An endogenous virus, the formation of which can be induced in cell cultures from any strain of guinea pig by treatment with 5-bromodeoxyuridine. Maximal virus release occurs 2-4 days after treatment and falls off rapidly, being negligible again by 7 days. No cell line has been found to support continued virus production. Although this endogenous virus is easily induced, no exogenous virus has been obtained. Synonyms: guinea pig endogenous virus; guinea pig retrovirus.

Davis AR and Nayak DP (1977) J Virol 23, 263

Gumbo Limbo virus (GLV) A strain of

Marituba virus in the genus Bunyavirus belonging to the group C virus group. Isolated from mosquitoes in Florida, USA. Not known to cause disease in humans.

Gumboro disease virus Synonym for Infectious bursal disease virus. Named after the locality where the first outbreaks were observed in the USA in 1957.

Guppy virus 6 (GV6) A tentative species in the genus Ranavirus. Related by sequence to Santee-Cooper ranavirus.

Gurupi virus (GURV) A serotype of Changuinola virus in the genus Orbivirus. Isolated from sandflies, Lutzomyia sp in Para, Brazil. Not known to cause disease in humans.

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