Hemadsorbing enteric virus of calves

Synonym for Bovine parvovirus.

hemadsorption Adsorption of erythrocytes to the surface of virus-infected cells. Orthomyxoviridae, Paramyxoviridae and Togaviridae, which bud from the cell surface, confer this property on the cell. When erythrocytes are added to the culture medium, adsorption to the infected cells makes it possible to identify them in cultures which may show no other indication of infection.

hemadsorption inhibition A serologic test in which hemadsorption is inhibited by the interaction of the serum antibodies with the surface of the hemadsorbing virus.

hemadsorption virus type 1 An old name for Human parainfluenza virus 3.

hemadsorption virus type 2 An old name for Human parainfluenza virus 1.

hemagglutinin A protein which binds to receptors on red blood cells and causes them to agglutinate. An extremely important property of some viruses such as influenza, since it forms the basis of the hemagglutination (HA) test for virus quantitation, and the hemagglutination inhibition (HAI) test to measure serum antibody levels. In addition to viruses that have a hemagglutinin on their surface, some such as orthopoxviruses induce a hemagglutinin in infected cells during replication. For influenza viruses, chicken red blood cells are commonly used for HA or HAI tests, but for other hemagglutinating viruses it may be necessary to substitute cells of other species such as goose (rubella), guinea pig (parainfluenza) or rhesus monkey (aden-ovirus). See also hemagglutination.

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