Hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus See acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus

hemorrhagic encephalopathy of rats virus A strain of Kilham rat virus in the genus Parvovirus which is highly pathogenic on injection i.c. into newborn rats. Isolated by i.c. injection of newborn rats with brain and spinal cord extracts from Lewis rats which became paralyzed after treatment with cyclophosphamide. Causes hemorrhage and necrosis in the spinal cord. Injection into newborn hamsters causes an acute fatal infection. Adult rats, newborn mice, rhesus and cyno-molgus monkeys are insusceptible. Agglutinates guinea pig erythrocytes, but not chicken, sheep, rhesus monkey or human cells. Synonym: Her virus.

Cole GA et al (1970) Am J Epidemiol 91, 339 Nathanson N et al (1970) Am J Epidemiol 91, 328

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