HLA See human leukocyte antigens

HLF-a cells (CCL 199) A fibroblast-like cell line derived from the peripheral lung tissue of a 54-year-old black female with epidermoid carcinoma of the lung.

HL 23V virus A mammalian type C retro-virus from cultured human leukemic cells (acute myelogenous). It is a mixture of one virus indistinguishable from the woolly monkey type C virus (SSAV-1) and another identical to an endogenous virus of the baboon, Papio cynocephalus, (BALV-M7). They are not endogenous human viruses, but are probably horizontally transmitted. Similar isolates have been made from other leukemic patients.

Reitz MS et al (1976) Proc Natl Acad Sci 73, 2113

HMV-1 See El Moro Canyon virus.

HMV-2 See Rio Segundo virus.

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