Hog cholera virus HCV See Classical swine fever virus

HoJo virus (HOJOV) A strain of Hantaan virus in the genus Hantavirus, recovered from the blood of a patient with Korean hemorrhagic fever.

Antic D et al (1992) Virus Res 24, 35

homidium bromide 3,8-Diamino-5-ethyl-6-phenylphenanthridinium bromide. A trypanocide used in veterinary medicine.

Has two useful virological properties: (1) it binds to DNA; and (2) it fluoresces in ultraviolet light. Nucleic acids which, for example, have been separated by gel electrophoresis can thus be 'stained' by it and visualized. Circular forms of DNA such as in mitochondria bind the drug most strongly. Suppresses acute infection by retroviruses, blocking integration of the viral genome. Also blocks induction of mouse type C oncovirus by idoxyuri-dine, and virus production by chronically infected cells. Specific mode of action not known.

Avery RJ and Levy JA (1979) Virology 95, 277

homokaryon Hybrid cell formed by fusion of two cells of the same species. See also heterokaryon.

homologous antiserum A serum containing antibodies raised against a specific antigen and which will react with that antigen.

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