Htlv Iii See human Tcell lymphotropic virus type III

Hu39694 A tentative species in the genus Hantavirus.

Huacho virus (HUAV) A serotype of Chenuda virus in the genus Orbivirus. Isolated from the tick, Ornithodoros amblus, in Peru. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Brown SE et al (1989) Acta Virol 33, 221

Hughes group viruses A group of tickborne viruses serologically related to Hughes virus in the genus Nairovirus. All isolated from argasid ticks found in areas frequented by sea birds:

Dry Tortugas Farallon Fraser Point Great Saltee Puffin Island Punta Salinas Raza

Sapphire II



Hughes virus has also been isolated from the blood of a sooty tern, Sterna fuscata.

Hughes virus (HUGV) A species in the genus Nairovirus. Isolated from sea birds in the Atlantic and Pacific and carried by Ornithodoros ticks. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

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