Hybrid released selected translation A

method used to identify proteins encoded by a cloned DNA. A preparation of mRNA is hybridized to the cloned DNA immobilized on a solid matrix such as nitrocellulose. The mRNA homologous to the DNA is retained on the filter and can then be removed by melting the RNA-DNA duplex. The purified RNA is then translated in vitro and the protein product(s) identified, often by gel elec-trophoresis.

Goldberg ML et al (1979) Meth Enzymol 68, 206

hybridization The formation of double-stranded nucleic acid molecules from single-stranded polynucleotides with complementary base sequences. The process may be carried out in the laboratory with both the single strands in solution (liquid hybridization), or with one strand immobilized on a solid support (gel or filter hybridization). The rate of hybridization increases with salt concentration, or with temperature up to just below the melting temperature (Tm).

hybridoma A hybrid cell line produced from the fusion of a normal lymphocyte with a myeloma cell. After selection and cloning a hybridoma cell line will produce a monoclonal antibody.

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