Inclusion body hepatitis IBH of chickens

A disease caused by several different species in the genus Aviadenovirus. Causes a common and often fatal disease of chickens. At least 10 serotypes of Fowl adenovirus have been associated with natural outbreaks. There are liver lesions, intramuscular hemorrhages and aplastic anemia. Yolk-sac inoculation of chick embryos causes death. Plaques are produced on the CAM. Birds with antibodies and eggs from such birds are resistant to infection.

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inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) of psittacine birds A usually fatal disease of budgerigars and parrots with gross liver lesions first described by Pacheco and Bier in 1930 following an epizootic in parakeets, and also known as Pacheco's disease. Often appears in captive birds following movement or delays in transit. The disease is caused by psittacid herpesvirus 1.

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inclusion body protein

inclusion body protein A term sometimes used for the main constituent of an inclusion body.

inclusion body rhinitis virus Synonym for suid herpesvirus 2.

inclusion disease of pigeons virus

Synonym for columbid herpesvirus 1.

incomplete virus Virus lacking some part necessary for its replication. Synonym for defective virus.

Indiana virus Synonym for Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus.

Indian cobra herpesvirus Synonym for elapid herpesvirus 1.

Indian muntjac cells (CCL 157) This cell line, derived from a skin biopsy of an adult male muntjac, Muntiacus muntjak, has the lowest mammalian diploid chromosome number 7.

indicator cells See co-cultivation.

indinavir A licensed antiretroviral drug which is an inhibitor of the HIV protease. Also known as L-735,524.

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