Intergenic complementation See complementation

intergenic regions Non-coding sequences between the genes of a virus genome. These may be quite short, but in some viruses, e.g. the mononegavirales, there may be several hundred nucleotides between the coding sequences. Their function is not well understood.

interjacent RNA 26S single-stranded RNA found in cells infected with certain Togaviridae, such as Semliki Forest virus. It has the same polarity as the viral RNA but shares only 1/3 of its base sequences from the 3' end; it is thus termed subgenomic RNA. Interjacent RNA codes for all the viral coat proteins.

interleukin-2 A lymphokine produced naturally by helper T cells following infection. Structurally similar to interferon y.

intermolecular recombination Recombination due to the reassortment of species of nucleic acid between viruses whose genomes are segmented, e.g. segments of RNA of reoviruses, influenza. Also termed genetic reassortment. See pheno-typic mixing.

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