J virus A probable species in the genus Paramyxovirus. Isolated by kidney cell culture from moribund wild mice, Mus musculus, with hemorrhagic lung lesions. Replicates with CPE in a variety of cell cultures including MRC5, Hep-2, BHK21 and Vero but not HeLa. Does not hemagglutinate. Antibodies present in wild mice, rats, pigs, bovines and humans. On infection via the nose or s.c. injection, rats and mice became viremic and lethargic, produced antibodies and developed hemorrhagic interstitial pneumonia. Appears to be a natural respiratory pathogen of wild mice in Northern Queensland, Australia.

Jun MH et al (1977) Aust J Exp Biol Med Sci 55, 645

J 111 cells (CCL 24) A heteroploid cell line derived from peripheral blood of a 25-year-old human female with monocytic leukemia.

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