K virus (KV) A strain of Murine Polyomavirus in the genus Polyomavirus. A natural and probably silent infection of wild mice. Causes fatal pneumonia and sometimes liver lesions on injection into mice less than 10 days old. In mouse lung cell cultures, foci of transformed cells appear which produce tumors on injection into newborn or X-irradiated mice. Agglutinates sheep erythrocytes at room temperature or 37°C.

Kilham L and Murphy HW (1953) Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 82, 133

K9 virus A strain of Human herpesvirus 5, in the genus Cytomegalovirus, isolated from a cell line derived from a tumor biopsy specimen from a patient with Kaposi's sarcoma. Similar to Mj strain in producing a slow and incomplete CPE in human embryo lung cells.

Glaser R et al (1977) J Natl Cancer Inst 59, 55

K27 virus (K27V) A serotype of Puumala virus in the genus Hantavirus, isolated from a human case in Russia. The vector is probably a species of rodent of the genus Clethrionomys.

Kachemak Bay virus (KBV) A serotype of Sakhalin virus in the genus Nairovirus. Isolated from ticks, Ixodes signatus.

Ritter DG and Feltz ET (1974) Can J Microbiol 20, 1359

Kadam virus (KADV) A species in the genus Flavivirus. Isolated from a tick, Rhipicephalus pravus, in Uganda. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Kadipiro virus (KDV) A species in the genus Coltivirus. Isolated from Culex mosquitoes.

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