Kaposis sarcomaassociated herpesvirus

See Human herpesvirus 8.

Kararao virus A possible species in the genus Orbivirus, isolated in the Amazon region of Brazil. Antigenically related to Changuinola virus. Not associated with disease in humans.

Karelian fever Synonym for Ockelbo virus infection. Also called Pogosta fever.

Karimabad virus (KARV) A serotype of Sandfly fever Naples virus in the genus Phlebovirus. Isolated from females of Phlebotomus sp in Iran and Pakistan. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Robeson G et al (1979) J Virol 30, 339

Karshi virus (KSIV) A serotype of Royal Farm virus in the genus Flavivirus, belonging to the tick-borne encephalitis serogroup (Far Eastern subtype). Related to Royal Farm virus. Isolated from ticks, Ornithodoros papillipes, in the Karshi desert, Uzbekistan. Agglutinates goose erythrocytes and causes paralysis in 2- to 3-week-old mice. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

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