Kilham Polyomavirus KpyV A strain of

Murine pneumotropic virus in the genus Polyomavirus.

Kilham rat virus (KRV) A species in the genus Parvovirus. Belongs serologically to rodent parvovirus group 1, which includes the H-3, X-14 and HER strains. A natural and latent infection of rats. Causes an acute fatal enteritis on i.p. injection into newborn hamsters of Mastomys sp. A smaller dose given to slightly older hamsters results in stunted growth with abnormal development of teeth and skull bones. On i.c. injection in newborn hamsters there may be cerebel-lar hypoplasia and ataxia. Infection in pregnant hamsters and rats may cause congenital abnormalities. Replicates in rat but not mouse cell cultures with CPE. Agglutinates guinea pig, hamster, human and rat erythrocytes at 23-24°C. Does not spontaneously elute. Infected cells hemadsorb.

Synonyms: rat virus; latent rat virus; R virus.

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Tijssen P (editor) (1990) Handbook of Parvoviruses. Boca Raton: CRC Press killed vaccine Vaccine comprising virus which has been inactivated, usually by treatment with a chemical such as formalin, betapropiolactone, or aziridine, e.g. foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, Salk vaccine.

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