Mahogany hammock virus MHV A

serotype of Guama virus in the genus Bunyavirus. Isolated from mosquitoes and a cotton rat in Florida. Not known to cause disease in humans.

Mahoney strain A strain of human poliovirus 1 isolated in 1941 in Michigan from a pool of stool specimens of three Mahoney children aged 10, 8 and 3 years.

Maiden virus (MDNV) A serotype of Great Island virus in the genus Orbivirus.

MAIDS See Murine AIDS.

Main Drain virus (MDV) A species in the genus Bunyavirus, belonging to the Bunyamwera serogroup. Isolated from the hare, Lepus californicus, and from Culicoides variipennis. Antibodies found in cattle, sheep and wild animals. The virus is found in Kern and Mendocino counties, California, USA. Not known to cause disease in humans.

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