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marmodid herpesvirus 1 (MarHV-1) A tentative species in the genus Rhadinovirus, isolated from woodchuck hepatocytes cultured in vitro. The genome is 160 kb in length. Replicates in a variety of monkey, feline and hamster cells, and also in WCH-17, a woodchuck hepatoma cell line. Antibodies to the virus have been found in woodchuck sera. Synonyms: woodchuck herpesvirus; her-pesvirus marmota.

Gilles NG and Ogstron CW (1991) Virology 180, 434

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marmoset cell line (B95-8) A cell line derived from marmoset peripheral blood lymphocytes which grows in suspension and has frequently been used for isolation of measles virus from clinical specimens. The cells have the surface measles receptor SLAM (signalling lymphocyte activation molecule) and strains isolated in them retain path-ogenicity for monkeys. B95-8 cells are transformed by EBV, and provide a source of EBV to establish continuous lymphocyte cell lines from human donors. An adherent cell subline, B95a, has been established.

marmoset cytomegalovirus Synonym for callitrichine herpesvirus 2.

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