MHC restriction See major histocompatibility complex

MH1C1 cells (CCL 144) A clonal strain of epithelial cells derived from a trans-plantable Morris hepatoma in a rat.

Mice minute virus (MMV) The type species of the genus Parvovirus. Isolated from a mouse adenovirus preparation. A natural and probably silent infection in wild and laboratory mice. Multiplies on injection into newborn mice, rats and hamsters. In hamsters a disease similar to that caused by latent rat virus is produced but in mice there is only retarded growth, in rats a silent infection. Replicates in rat or mouse embryo cell cultures with CPE. Agglut inates guinea pig, hamster, rat and mouse erythrocytes between 4 and 37°C. The genome is negative-stranded DNA, 5084 bases in length, with hairpin structures at each end, 116 nt long at the 3' end and 207 nt long at the 5' end. There are two mRNA promoters (map units 4 and 39) and a single polyadenylation site at the 3' end. Multiplication occurs in the cell nucleus and requires the cell to go through S phase in order to replicate the viral genome.

Synonyms: MVM virus; minute virus of mice.

Astell CR (1999) In Encyclopedia of Virology, Second edition, edited by A Granoff and RG Webster. London: Academic Press, p.1151 Astell CR et al (1996) Prog Nucleic Acid Res Mol Biol 55, 245

Berns KI (1990) Microbiol Revs 54, 316 Siegl G (1976) The Parvoviruses, Virology Monograph 15, 109pp mice pneumotropic virus Synonym for Murine polyomavirus.

MiCli (S+L-) (CCL 64.1) Developed from the clonally derived substrain of the original parent mink lung line (CCL 64). It contains the murine sarcoma virus genome rescuable by superinfection with compatible helper viruses.

microsomes Small particles, 16-150nm in diameter, obtained on cell fractionation. They are fragments of endoplasmic retic-ulum. On treatment with sodium deoxycholate they are disrupted into two fractions. The first contains most of the protein, phospholipid, pigment and enzymes. The second is a particulate fraction sedimentable at 100000g, and containing nearly all the RNA of the cytoplasm; these are the ribosomes.

Microtus pennsylv aniens herpesvirus

Synonym for murid herpesvirus 5.

Middelburg virus (MIDV) A species in the genus Alphavirus. Isolated in S Africa from Aedes sp and may be the cause of an epizootic in sheep. Found in S Africa, Senegal, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Kenya and probably Mozambique and Angola. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Kokernot RH et al (1957) S Afr J Med Sci 22, 145

milker's nodule virus Synonym for Pseudo-cowpox virus.

milk factor Synonym for Bittner virus. See Mouse mammary tumor virus.

milk-pox virus Synonym for variola minor virus. See Variola virus.

Mill Door virus (MDRV) A serotype of Great Island virus in the genus Orbivirus.

Mill Hill virus 2 See Avian carcinoma virus Mill Hill virus 2.

mimotope A sequence of amino acids which mimics the structure of an epitope.

Minatitlan virus (MNTV) A species in the genus Bunyavirus. With Palestina virus forms the Minatitlan serogroup. Isolated from a sentinel hamster in Veracruz, Mexico. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

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