Minimal essential medium MEM A

medium for the culture of vertebrate cells. It differs from Eagle's medium mainly in its increased concentration of essential amino acids.

minireovirus Synonym for minirotavirus.

minirotavirus A name sometimes used for the 32nm particles seen in feces. Differ from other small, round virus-like particles seen in feces in being slightly larger. Synonym: minireovirus.

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mink calicivirus (MCV) An unassigned virus in the family Caliciviridae.

mink cell focus-inducing virus A type C retrovirus which is associated with the development of lymphomas in mice. Replicates in cell cultures of mouse or mink lung fibroblasts. Strains obtained from AKR mice produce cytopathic foci in mink cells but strains from BALB/c (Mo) mice cause foci in mink and mouse cells. The virus may have arisen by recombination between ecotropic and xenotropic mouse viruses. Cause leukemia by stimulating proliferation of lymphoid cells bearing the erythropoietin receptor or related cytokine receptors such as the interleukin-2 ß chain receptor. Synonym: MCF virus.

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