Murine parainfluenza virus type 1

Sendai virus.

Murine pneumonia virus (MPV) A species in the genus Pneumovirus. A common latent or mild respiratory virus infection of laboratory mice. Can be activated by serial intranasal passage of lung tissue in uninfected mice at intervals of 7-9 days. Causes dense accumulations of mono-nuclear cells around the bronchi and blood vessels. Lung lesions are produced in hamsters but the virus cannot be serially passaged. Virions are 80-120nm in diameter but filamentous forms occur. Envelope covered with projections. There is a helical nucleocapsid 12-15nm in diameter containing single-stranded RNA. Agglutinates mouse and hamster erythrocytes. Replicates in hamster kidney cell cultures and BHK21 cells, recognized by hemadsorption. Anti-genically related viruses have been isolated from hamsters, cotton rats and rabbits. The genome RNA has nine genes, in the same order as respiratory syncytial virus.

Chambers P et al (1990) Virus Res 18, 263

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