Mus cervicolor mammary tumor virus A

possible species in the genus Beta-retrovirus. The major envelope glycoprotein and internal protein are antigenically related to the equivalent proteins in Mouse mammary tumor virus. Obtained from the milk. Distinct from Mus cervicolor type C retroviruses.

Schlom J et al (1978) J Natl Cancer Inst 61, 1509

Mus cervicolor type C retroviruses Possible species in the genus Gammaretrovirus. Isolated from a lung cell line of Mus cer-vicolor cells by treatment with bromodeoxyuridine and co-cultivation with heterologous cell lines. Two viruses, CERV-CI and CERV-CII, and endogenous multiple copies are present in the cellular DNA. CERV-CI replicates in SIRC rabbit cell line and is antigenically related to simian sarcoma virus, simian sarcoma-associated virus and to the Gibbon ape leukemia virus. CERV-CII replicates in Mus musculus cell lines. It is related to, but different from, mouse leukemia viruses of Mus musculus. A third virus, M432, is an endogenous virus unrelated by morphology, anti-genicity or molecular hybridization to other retroviruses except Mus caroli type C oncovirus.

Benveniste RE et al (1977) J Virol 21, 849 Callahan R et al (1977) Virology 80, 401

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