Mystery swine disease Lelystad virus

Synonym for Porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome.

myxoma subgroup viruses Synonym for leporipoxvirus.

Myxoma virus (MYXV) The type species of the genus Leporipoxvirus. Similar to Vaccinia virus but rather more sensitive to inactivation by heat. Ether-sensitive but resistant to sodium desoxycholate. The DNA genome is 160 kb in length, G+C 40%. Antigenically similar to Rabbit fibroma virus and California rabbit fibroma virus, yet diffusion tests show a difference. Produces pocks on the CAM, but eggs are 2.5 times less sensitive than rabbit skin. Replicates and produces CPE in tissue culture of rabbit, rat, hamster and human cells; also in cells of other species. Exists naturally in Uruguay and Brazil as a silent or mild infection of wild rabbits, Sylvilagus brasiliensis. Introduced into wild European rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus, it causes at first a severe disease, 99% fatal, with inflammation and swelling of the eyelids, nose, genital and anal openings. With passage the disease becomes endemic and less severe due to selection of resistant rabbits and attenuated strains of the virus. Hares, Lepus sp, are rarely naturally infected. The virus has been propagated in suckling mouse brain. Transmission is by contact and by insects: mosquitoes in S America and Australia, fleas in the UK. Rabbits can be protected by vaccination with Rabbit fibroma virus.

Fenner F and Ross J (1994) In The European Rabbit, edited by HV Thompson and C King. Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 205

myxovirus pestis-galli myxovirus multiforme A latinized name for Newcastle disease virus, based on the multiformity of both the disease picture and the virus particles. Not in common use.

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