Nmethylisatin Pthiosemicarbazone See methisazone

1'-methyl spiro (adamantane-2,3'-pyrroli-dine) maleate A derivative of amantadine. A double-blind trial of this drug against a placebo on volunteers infected with influenza virus A/Hong

Kong/68 showed that the group receiving the drug, although not entirely protected, had fewer clinical symptoms, antibody rises or virus secretions than those receiving the placebo. The drug was apparently non-toxic, and routine liver function tests at the end of each trial were uniformly normal.

Beare AS et al (1972) Lancet 1, 1039

methyl transferase Enzyme activity found in some virus particles which is involved in 'capping' of viral mRNAs.

methylation The addition of methyl groups. Methylation of DNA at specific nucleotides within the target site of a restriction endonuclease (termed 'modification') can protect the DNA against cleavage by that enzyme and is the means by which bacteria protect their own DNA against the restriction endonucleases they encode. See S-adenosyl-L-methionine.

MEV See Mink enteritis virus.

Mexico virus (MXV) A strain of Norwalk virus in the genus 'Norwalk-like viruses'.

MG virus A strain of BK polyomavirus. Isolated in primary human fetal fibrob-lasts from the urine of a renal allograft patient in South Africa.

Wright PJ et al (1976) J Virol 17, 762

MH 2 virus Synonym for Avian carcinoma virus Mill Hill virus 2.

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