Ovine adenovirus isolate 287 OadV287

An isolate of ovine adenovirus that has been completely sequenced, but shows a closer phylogenetic relationship to bovine adenovirus 7 and egg-drop syndrome virus of poultry. On this basis a new adenovirus genus containing these viruses has been proposed, but not yet approved. Because they also share a high

AT content in their genomes, the proposed name of the new genus is Atadenovirus.

Harrach B et al (1997) Virology 229, 302

Ovine astrovirus (OasTV) A species in the genus Astrovirus, detected in stool samples of sheep. The disease is generally a mild self-limiting acute gastroenteritis of young animals. In experimental infection of lambs, there was a destruction of mature enterocytes on the apical two-thirds of villi, leading to villus atrophy and crypt hypertrophy.

ovine astrovirus 1 (OAstV-1) A serotype of Ovine astrovirus in the genus Astrovirus, associated with acute enteritis in lambs. Virus can be detected in epithelial cells of the small intestine by immunofluores-cence. Crystalline arrays of 29nm diameter particles can be seen by electron microscopy in the cytoplasm of cells in microvilli.

Herring AJ et al (1981) J Gen Virol 53, 47

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