Pchlorophenyl3m3isobutylguanidinophenylurea hydrochloride A

guanidine derivative differing significantly from guanidine hydrochloride in its antiviral properties. Has very high in vitro activity against rhinoviruses. Relatively non-toxic to laboratory animals.

Synonym: ICI 73602.

Swallow DL et al (1977) Ann NY Acad Sci 284, 305

Chobar Gorge virus (CGV) A species in the genus Orbivirus. Isolated from ticks of Ornithodoros sp in Nepal. Not reported to cause disease in humans. Fomeda virus is a serotype of the species.

Choclo virus (CHOV) A tentative species in the genus Hantavirus. Isolated from patients and trapped rodents in 2000 during an outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Las Tablas, Los Santos Province, Panama. The rodent host is the pygmy rice rat, Oligoryzomys fulvescens.

Vincent MJ et al (2000) Virology 277, 14

CHO-K1 cells (CCC 61) A cell line derived from Chinese hamster ovary tissue. A range of drug-resistant mutants of these cells has been developed, including lines resistant to a-amanitin.

Kao F and Puck TT (1968) Science 164, 312 Lobban PE and Siminovitch L (1975) Cell 4, 167

cholestasis Stopping or suppression of the flow of bile, a severe complication of hepatitis virus infection.

Chordopoxvirinae A subfamily of the family Poxviridae, comprising the poxviruses of vertebrates. Contains eight genera: Orthopoxvirus, Parapoxvirus, Avipoxvirus, Capripoxvirus, Leporipoxvirus, Suipoxvirus, Molluscipoxvirus and Yatapoxvirus.

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