Pigeon herpesvirus See columbid herpesvirus

Pigeonpox virus (PGPV) A species in the genus Avipoxvirus. Highly pathogenic for pigeons, but produces a milder disease in chickens or turkeys. Attenuated mutant viruses have been isolated from naturally infected pigeons, and these appear to provide some protection when tested in challenge experiments using fully virulent Pigeonpox virus.

Tanatawi HH et al (1979) Acta Virol 23, 249

pike fry rhabdovirus (PFRV) A tentative species in the genus Vesiculovirus. Causes hemorrhagic lesions in the muscles and kidneys of young pike, Esox lucius, and red swollen areas are visible on the trunk, usually above the pelvic fins. Caused a severe fatal disease in Dutch fish hatcheries. Isolated from diseased pike fry in FHM cells. CPE evident in 40 h. Pathogenic on injection into young pike. In the presence of complement it can be neutralized by antiserum to spring viremia of carp virus. Synonyms: grass carp rhabdovirus; red disease virus; hydrocephalus of pike virus.

Ahne W (1975) Arch Virol 48, 181 de Kinkelin P et al (1973) Nature 241, 465

pike type C oncovirus A possible species in the genus Epsilonretrovirus. The Northern pike, Esox lucius, suffers epizootics of a benign lymphosarcoma. There are cutaneous lesions and there is evidence of horizontal transmission during spawning. A C-type virus and reverse transcriptase have been demonstrated in the tumor cells. Tumors often regress during the summer season.

Sonstegard RA (1976) Nature 261, 506 Yamamoto T et al (1984) Arch Virol 79, 255

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