Porcine rotavirus EDC9 PoRVEDC9 A

strain of Rotavirus E in the genus Rotavirus.

Porcine rubulavirus (PoRV) A species in the genus Rubulavirus, isolated during an outbreak of encephalitis, reproductive failure and corneal opacity (blue eye) in pigs in Michoacan state, Mexico. The disease mainly affects piglets and is now endemic in Mexico. The structural proteins that have been sequenced are related to those of SV5 and Mumps viruses, and the pattern of transcriptional editing during P gene expression, which involves insertion of two non-templated

G residues at a specific site to produce the P mRNA, also occurs during Mumps virus replication.

Synonyms: La-Piedad-Michoacan-Mexico virus (LPMV); pig blue eye disease.

Berg M et al (1992) J Gen Virol 73, 1195 Stephano HA et al (1988) Vet Rec 122, 6

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