Pseudoaphthous stomatitis of cattle virus

Synonym for Bovine papular stomatitis virus, although other viruses may cause the same clinical picture.

Pseudocowpox virus (PCPV) A species in the genus Parapoxvirus. Similar to Orf virus. Causes hemispherical cherry-red papules on the udders of cows and the hands of milkers. Can be propagated in human cell cultures.

Synonyms: natural cowpox virus; paravaccinia virus; milker's nodule virus.

pseudoknot A secondary structure in a viral mRNA which slows movement of the ribosome and may cause a frameshift that allows entry to an alternative reading frame. Important in the replication of coronaviruses.

pseudolumpy skin disease Synonym for Bovine herpesvirus 2.

pseudolymphocytic choriomeningitis virus Synonym for Ectromelia virus.

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