Quail adenovirus See fowl adenovirus

quail bronchitis A disease of quail caused by Fowl adenovirus A, a species in the genus Aviadenovirus. An acute, highly contagious respiratory disease in captive and wild bobwhite quail, Colinus virgini-anus. In young birds less than 4 weeks old there may be 100% fatality. Identical to CELO virus, fowl adenovirus 1. See fowl adenovirus 1. Synonym: quail adenovirus.

quail parvovirus Synonym for a strain of

Avian adeno-associated virus, genus Dependovirus.

Quailpox virus (QUPV) A species in the genus Avipoxvirus. Member of a group of antigenically related viruses which infect a number of different hosts, e.g. canary, pigeon and sparrow.

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Quaranfil virus (QRFV) An unassigned virus, pathogenic for a variety of laboratory hosts. Related antigenically to Johnston Atoll virus. Isolated from argasid ticks collected near Cairo, Egypt in 1953. Subsequent isolates were made from humans, the cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis, and from pigeons in Egypt and S Africa. The virions appear to be enveloped but the virus has not been fully characterized. Has been associated with a febrile illness in humans.

quasi-equivalence A theory invoked to account for the surface morphology of spherical viruses. It requires that subunits forming the icosahedral capsid should be capable of assembling into both hexamers and pentamers. The insertion of 12 pentamers produces curvature in the sheet of hexamers where they are inserted, resulting in a closed icosahedral shell that is not strictly equivalent, but forms a more stable structure. Thus icosahedral viruses have a capsid composed of 12 pentamers and a variable number of hexamers, e.g. herpesviruses have 150 hexamers and 12 pentamers, making up the capsid; adenoviruses have 240 hexamers and 12 pentamers. See icosahedral symmetry.

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quasi-species A term that describes the nature of most RNA viruses, which are populations of genetic variants within which one (the quasi-species) predominates.

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quat A quaternary ammonium compound, such as CTAB.

quokkapox virus (QPV) An unassigned virus in the family Poxviridae. Isolated from the cytoplasm of cells in the dorsum of the tails of the quokka, Setonix brachyu-rus. Electron microscopy studies revealed the presence of poxvirus-like particles in the cytoplasm of cells in the stratum granulosum of papillomas on the dorsum. The infected population of this marsupial has been isolated for 7000 years on the small island of Rottnest off the coast of W Australia. Synonyms: marsupial papillomavirus; marsupialpox virus.

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