Reoviruslike agent Synonym for rotavirus

repeated sequence

repeated sequence A nucleotide sequence which occurs more than once in a DNA or RNA sequence either in the same (direct repeats) or opposite (inverted repeats) orientation. Synonym: reiterated sequence.

repetitive DNA DNA sequences which occur repeatedly and comprise 20-50% of the chromosomal DNA of animal genomes. Can be divided into slightly repetitive DNA (1-10 copies per haploid genome), moderately repetitive DNA (10 to thousands of copies per haploid genome) and highly repetitive DNA (thousands to millions of copies per hap-loid genome). Highly repetitive DNA is often found as spacer DNA between structural genes (unique DNA).

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replicase An RNA-dependent RNA poly-merase catalyzing the formation of new virion RNA from a complementary strand template. See RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.

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