Ringnecked pheasant leukosis virus A

strain of subgroup F avian leukosis sarcoma virus. An endogenous virus present in normal ring-necked pheasant,

Phasianus colchicus, cells, with genetic information to give group F host-range specificity to virus particles produced with it as helper virus.

Hanafusa T and Hanafusa H (1973) Virology 51, 247

ring vaccination Vaccination of contacts and people who may come into contact with an infected person, so as to form a ring of non-susceptibles. A method used to control diseases such as smallpox.

Rio Bravo virus (RBV) A species in the genus Flavivirus, member of the Rio Bravo virus serogroup. Isolated from the salivary gland of a bat caught in California, USA. Similar viruses have been isolated in Texas, USA and Mexico. No known arthropod vector and did not replicate in any of several mosquito species. In mice shows tropism for kidney, mammary and salivary gland tissue. Has caused laboratory infections associated with orchitis. No evidence that it causes disease in bats. Synonym: bat salivary virus.

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