San Miguel sea lion virus SMSV A

strain of Vesicular exanthema of swine virus (VESV) in the genus Calicivirus. Isolated from sea lions on San Miguel Island off the coast of California, USA and St Paul Island, Alaska. Serological evidence suggests the virus is widely distributed in Pacific marine mammals including northern fur seals. May be a cause of abortions in sea lions. Causes a vesicular disease in swine, and it has been suggested that marine mammals may be a reservoir of virus for terrestrial mammals. There are five serological types. Antigenically very close to VESV. Antibodies have been found in laboratory workers but there is no evidence that disease is produced in humans. Isolated in Vero cells. Causes CPE in primary porcine and human cells but not in cells of marine mammals and rodents.

Burroughs JN et al (1978) Intervirology 10, 51 Smith AW and Boyt PM (1990) J Zoo Wildl Med 21, 3

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