Simian sarcomaassociated virus SSAV A

synonym for Woolly monkey sarcoma virus in the genus Gammaretrovirus originally isolated from a fibrosarcoma in a pet woolly monkey, but actually a strain of Gibbon ape leukemia virus. The pet woolly monkey lived in the same household as a gibbon ape, and it is now clear that the woolly monkey was infected by a virus it caught from the gibbon. A non-transforming virus which acts as helper for the replication-defective Woolly monkey sarcoma virus. Several strains can be isolated from gibbons. Probably originated from an endogenous C-type virus of the Asian mouse, Mus caroli, to which it is very closely related.

Synonym: gibbon ape lymphosarcoma virus.

Reitz MS (1999) In Encyclopedia of Virology, Second edition, edited by A Granoff and RG Webster. London: Academic Press, p. 617

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