Small round viruses See Norwalklike viruses

Smedi A syndrome (stillbirths, mummification, embryonic death and infertility) in pigs caused by porcine enterovirus. Smedi enteroviruses are only clinically apparent when they infect the fetus, and the pathological effects depend on the stage of gestation. At early stages, there may be embryonic death and return to estrus. Fetuses infected between 40 and 70 days die, and those infected later may

SnRNPs survive or are stillborn. The viruses are recognized worldwide, and control involves encouraging infection of gilts before they reach sexual maturity, with as many enterovirus serotypes as possible. The Smedi syndrome can also be induced by Porcine parvovirus infection, however.

smelt papilloma herpesvirus Causes seasonal neoplasms of smelt, Osmerus eperlanus, in Europe, taken from the Elbe estuary. External growths appear on the head and fins. A herpesvirus was identified by electron microscopy.

smelt reovirus (SRV) A strain of Aquareovirus A. Isolated in Canada from the viscera of diseased rainbow smelt, Osmerus mordax.

Marshall SH et al (1990) J Fish Dis 13, 87

smelt virus-1 (SmV-1) An unassigned virus in the family Picornaviridae.

smelt virus-2 (SmV-2) An unassigned virus in the family Picornaviridae.

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