SMON virus See subacute myeloopticoneuropathy virus

smooth dogfish herpesvirus A virus identified by electron microscopy of skin lesions of smooth dogfish, Mustelus canis.

Leibovitz L et al (1985) J Fish Dis 8, 273

smooth membrane The region of the endo-plasmic reticulum to which few or no ribosomes are attached. See rough membrane.

snake adenovirus (SnAdV-1) An unas-signed virus in the family Adenoviridae. An adenovirus-like agent was isolated from a moribund royal python, Python regius. Adenovirus-shaped particles measuring 67-79 nm diameter were seen in the nucleus. A similar isolate of an adenovirus-like agent was made from a moribund corn snake, Elaphe guttata.

Juhasz A and Ahne W (1993) Arch Virol 130, 429

Ogawa M et al (1992) Zentralbl Veterinarmed B 39, 732

snakehead retrovirus (SnRV) A tentative species in the genus Epsilonretrovirus. The complete sequence of this virus showed several unique features, including the use of an arginine tRNA primer binding site.

snakehead rhabdovirus (SHRV) A tentative species in the genus Novirhabdovirus, isolated from internal organs of striped snakeheads, Ophicephalus striatus, with severe ulcerative disease and mortality. Other South-East Asian fish species, the swamp eel, Fluta alba, and the Australian barramundi, Lates calcarifer, also seem to suffer from this infection. The virus is antigenically distinct from other fish rhabdoviruses.

Kasornchandra J et al (1992) Dis Aquat Org 13, 89

Snotsiekte virus Synonym for alcelaphine herpesvirus 1.

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