Sphenicid herpesvirus 1 SpHV1 An

unassigned virus in the family Herpesviridae. Isolated from a black-footed penguin, Spheniscus dermersus. Synonym: black-footed penguin her-pesvirus.

Kincaid AL (1988) J Wildl Dis 24,173

spider monkey herpesvirus Synonym for Ateline herpesvirus 1.

spike A projection from the surface of a virus particle, usually associated with binding of the particle to the cell surface. See peplomers.

spiking disease Turkey enteritis caused by Turkey coronavirus.

spleen focus-forming virus A strain of Murine leukemia virus which causes countable foci of tumor cells in the spleen. Used as a name for the component of Friend murine leukemia virus which is defective and which requires lymphoid leukemia virus as a helper. The prolifera-tive effect of the virus appears to be mediated by binding of the virus glycoprotein (gp55) to EpoR, the erythro-poietin receptor on the cell membrane.

Kabat D (1989) Curr Top Microbiol Immun 148, 1 Li J-P et al (1990) Nature 343, 762

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