Swine influenza virus See Influenza virus

Swinepox virus (SWPV) A species in the genus Suipoxvirus. Cultivation in eggs not reported. Replicates with CPE in pig kidney, testis, brain and embryo lung cell cultures. Affects chiefly very young pigs causing a generalized disease. Injected i.d. in rabbits it causes papular lesions, but cannot be passed. Guinea pigs, suckling mice, calves, sheep and goats are insusceptible. The pig louse transmits the disease, although it may also occur in absence of lice. Pigs may also suffer from infection with Vaccinia virus. Synonyms: pigpox virus; variola suilla.

swine rotavirus See Porcine rotavirus. Causes acute enteritis with diarrhea in young pigs. Pigs are susceptible to infection by rotaviruses of many species, but only the calf and pig rotaviruses cause disease.

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