Transmissible virusdementia virus

Synonym for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease virus.

transmission Transfer of a virus infection from an infected organism to an un-infected one. Horizontal transmission is most effective when it occurs by the respiratory route, as with influenza or measles viruses, but the viral determinants which promote respiratory transmission are poorly understood. See epidemiology.

Mims CA (1995) Epidemiol Infect 115, 377

transport medium A sterile liquid used to prevent or reduce inactivation in specimens taken for virus isolation. Most transport media, of which there are many, contain a protein such as albumin, in which viruses are less readily inactivated than in solutions with low protein concentrations. They also prevent drying and change of pH.

transposons A transposable genetic element in bacteria. Certain transposable phages such as Mu move frequently from one insertion site to another position in bacterial chromosomal DNA. The mechanism of this transposition is similar to that used by HIV when integrating into the eukaryotic chromosomal DNA.

Hedges RW and Jacob AE (1974) Mol Gen Genet 132, 31

trans-synaptic transport Spread of viruses within the nervous system is usually within the neuronal axoplasm, but spread from one nerve cell to another seems to occur mainly at synapses.

Tree shrew adenovirus (TSAdV) A species in the genus Mastadenovirus.

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